Spencer and the Sprinkler

Spencer enjoys playing in the sprinklers when he has a chance. I caught him on video experimenting with the sprinklers in our front yard.

Maylee's and Spencer's Birthdays

Spencer and Maylee have birthdays five days apart. Since Spencer's birthday was first, we had a small party for him with just the four of us at home. Then, on Maylee's birthday we did a big combo barbecue party with friends and family at the park. Spencer turned 1 and Maylee turned 3.

Two days before the party I started making Maylee's castle birthday cake. This was a lot of work, but Maylee loved it so much, it was definitely worth it.

I made Cookie Monster cupcakes for Spencer. I think they turned out so cute.

We had a good time at the party. Thank you to everyone who came!

This video is hilarious. Spencer is obviously worried about what has come over his family.

Spencer Walking

Spencer started walking about 2 week before he turned a year old. He could have walked before them probably, but it was not until Richard put the pressure on him to perform that he finally did it. Since Spencer could walk before then but just did not have the confidence, once he did start walking he took off. Pretty quickly he was running.

This is a video of him walking while we were visiting Texas. These are some of his first steps.