Our 5:30am Miracle

Everyone is probably wondering what could possibly get me to write another blog entry since I have been so bad about updating our blog.  But, I have to share what happened to us early this morning.  Last night we had family and friends over to celebrate Carolyn's birthday.  While everyone was over, Maylee decided to stick a 3/16" oval eyelet up her nose.  We tried several methods to remove it including: closing the other nostril and blowing in her mouth (this is what all the medical sites online recommended), trying to suck the eyelet out with a homemade vacuum contraption, using a syringe to suck at it, and spraying water in the other nostril to get it to come out.  None of these methods worked, and some were a little too traumatizing for poor Maylee.  She also sneezed several times on her own, but this did not work either.  Someone advised that we leave Maylee alone and let it work its way out, so that is what we decided to do.    


When Maylee first went to sleep we checked on the status of the object up her nose and could see it pretty far back and decided it was too risky to try to pull it out with tweezers.  All night long, Maylee woke up about every thirty minutes yelling and crying.  We could tell that the object in her nose was causing a lot of pain.  At this point the object had worked its way so far into her nose that we could not see it with a flashlight or anything.  We were really worried about Maylee.  We decided to try to remove the object again without success.  So, Richard put on his suit and gave Maylee a priesthood blessing.  He blessed Maylee that the object would come out of her nose without causing damage and that this experience would help her develop her faith.  Immediately after saying "amen" Maylee sneezed three times and the eyelet popped out.  We explained to Maylee that Heavenly Father and Jesus love her so they helped her with her problem.  We knelt down and thanked them for our little miracle.  It was a reminder to us that Heavenly Father answers our prayers when we ask for help.