My Niece Ashlee Doing A Jig

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I am not sure where Ashlee saw this kind of dancing, but she was so cute copying it that I had to take a video.  Maylee is doing her best to keep up.  Here is the next generation of River Dance.

Easter Weekend

Easter weekend was a fun time.  Carolyn came down and spent a few days with us.  We had a picnic and Easter egg hunt on Saturday up at a park by Jennie's house, and then had a big Easter dinner on Sunday at Jamie's house with the family.  It was awesome.

Before Easter weekend, Maylee got a package from her grandparents in Texas.  She got an Easter hat, a bunnie bag, a Peter Rabbit book, and some candy.  She had fun opening her package and dancing around in her new hat for us.

With Mommy and Daddy helping, this candy was gone in the first 5 minutes.  Thanks Grandma!

Here are some pictures from our Easter egg hunt on Saturday.  It was freezing, but the kids still had a blast.  I didn't realize it was going to be so cold, so poor Maylee was way under-dressed.  I guess I will have to remember that for next year.

Everyone before the big Easter egg hunt.

And they're off!

Savannah found the lucky golden egg.  I think it had $5 in it.

Ashlee looking for eggs.

Here is Luke looking for eggs during the hunt.

Maylee really got into Easter egg hunting this year.  She had her eyes glued to the ground looking for goodies.

Autumn with her basket of goodies.

Aunt Jamie bought a bunch of suckers.  While other kids went for the surprise eggs, Maylee collected a ton of suckers.  With eggs you never know, but with a sucker you know what you are getting for sure.  She loved it.

Can someone please open this for me?

After the hunt.

Everyone with their loot.

Zach with his basket full.

More suckers???

Maylee in her Easter dress after church.

Richard's Birthday

Here are two videos from Richard's birthday.  Again, these are from January.

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Here is Maylee reading a story in her little chair at Richard's birthday party.  She was barely 17 months old in this video.  Notice that Maylee knows something needs to be said on every page.

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Some catch up pictures.  I was going to sit down and post some pirctures from Easter, but I am too sad to miss posting some of the pictures from earlier this year.  So I am going to post as many as I can right now and hopefully still get the Easter pictures posted this week.

Richard's Birthday (1/10)

Here are some pictures of Maylee at the piano.  She loves to play on the piano and to dance to the demo music.

Andrew (Maylee's cousin) got a set of drums for his birthday.  Maylee went to town while she had the chance.