We had a blast on Halloween. We decided to do a family theme with our costumes. Maylee and Spencer were Thing 1 and Thing 2. Richard was The Cat in the Hat, and I was Mrs. Cat in the Hat. I broke out the sewing machine to make everyone's costumes, and surprisingly they all turned out. Here are some of our pictures.

In the afternoon we went to a Chili Cook-off and Carnival at our church. Then in the evening we went trick-or-treating with some of Maylee and Spencer's cousins. The cousins were way faster, so after the mad dash at the beginning, we became "the slow group".

Savannah stayed back with us. At the end Maylee was carrying two buckets since Spencer's was too heavy for him. She told Savannah "This is the last house Savannah; these buckets are heavy." But, she would not let anyone else carry Spencer's bucket for long because she wanted to show how strong she was.