New House in Lehi

Most of our friends and family know by now that we're planning to move next week into a home we bought in Lehi. We've had some requests for us to post pictures of the new house. Here they are.Here is what the front of the house looks like when there's a truck and a bald guy standing in front of it.

Here is the view from the back yard.
Kitchen on main level.
Mud room/laundry room - entrance from the garage.

Main entrance.
Stairs going up to kids' rooms.

Family room with fireplace and pluthera of windows. You'll notice the house comes furnished with blinds, which can be expensive if you have to buy them in addition to the house.

Master bedroom with entrance to the deck.
Sink area of master bathroom.
This is where we will relax on the weekends.

Upstairs bedroom/playroom.
One of the upstairs bedrooms. They both look like this, so we'll refrain from taking up more memory by adding a picture of the other one.

Upstairs bathroom sinks.
Upstairs bathroom tub area. It's separated from the sink area for extra convenience. You can close the door on the stink while you are washing your hands.
Back deck. The deck is made out of the Trex decking material, so it doesn't require staining and all the maintenance that wood decks require.
Back yard view. You can see the sandbox and fire pit just off the deck area. There's room in the back yard for a short soccer field so Richard can get some payback on the nephews and nieces and have home field advantage. Bring it on!

Basement office. From here Richard can get his work done without being distracted by the crowd hanging out in the playroom two levels up. This is what sold us (besides the master bathroom tub) on the house.
Basement kitchen. The door to the right is the master bedroom for the basement.
Basement family room, complete with built-in entertainment center.
Basement playhouse under the stairs. There is a ladder in this thing that goes up to a little loft. The kids can look out the triangle window from the loft. When we brought Maylee's and Spencer's cousins to see the house, they spent all their time in this little space.
Closet in basement bedroom. All of the bedrooms have closets similar to this one. There are nice shelving systems to organize the kids' stuff better than it is now.

There are three total bedrooms in the basement. They all look essentially like rectangular boxes. The only real difference between them is their size and the fact that the basement master bedroom has its own bathroom, and the two other bedrooms share a bathroom that sits between them. Apparently we didn't get any pictures of them while we were there for the inspection.

We bought this home with its extra space as an invitation for visitors. If anyone from out of state wants to stop in, we now have a place for you to stay without bothering us too much, or... umm....I mean, us bothering you too much. For those who live locally, we can now have sleepovers as well after those late night movies or sporting events.

With the real estate market being what it is, we were able to get this house, which had been foreclosed on, for a really good price. We've wanted a back yard with some space, and this yard has it. The yard came with a dug out, cinder-block-lined trampoline pit, a built-in sand box, and a fire pit. We've been thinking about getting a pet for Spencer and Maylee, and our neighbor offered us her extra dog Max, so we may give that a go. We might put a goat or two in the yard, but no horses or cattle yet.

The house is located a short three-minute drive to the Lehi Main Street entrance to I-15, so it works great for Richard's commute to his new job with the LDS Church. The Church's IT office is located in Riverton, and the drive from the new house takes less than 20 minutes. Maylee is excited that the house is within five minutes of the Lehi Legacy Center and its year-round accessible pool.