A Year Later...

The title of this blog entry was inspired by the fact that I just took a look at our last entry and saw that it was titled "Thanksgiving in Florida".  That was 2006.  Now we're getting ready for Thanksgiving 2007.  This year we'll be spending it in Texas with Lisa's family.  Our Christmas plans are still up in the air.  Anyhow, here's a quick run-down of 2007 for our family...

Moving the business to a HNL ([w]Hole 'Nuther Level)
In April of 2007, we finally moved our home-based online sporting goods business into an office.  Our home had become a factory and warehouse, complete with computers, embroidery equipment, and lots of foot traffic between the garage and the living room area.  We found an office and warehouse area in Orem, and we signed a year contract.  Soon after we moved in, we bought some screen printing equipment that allows us to do our own customizing on uniforms and other apparel we sell.

After we moved into the new office, we hired a few employees, and we're continuing to expand.  Go Robbins Sports!

Brian's Wedding
In May, Lisa's brother Brian married Heather Monson in the San Antonio Temple.  We flew down for the occasion, and we stayed with Lisa's folks in Boerne for a week.  As soon as I can remember where the pictures from the wedding were downloaded off our camera, I'll add those.

Learning to Walk
Maylee began to crawl at 7 months old.  She took her first steps just a few days before her 10-month birthday.  Of course, she was under a lot of pressure from Lisa, who wanted to make sure she could say that Maylee walked at 9 months old.

First Birthday
Maylee's first birthday included a party with lots of friends and family.  She hadn't caught on to the gift opening aspect of birthday parties, but she had a lot of help from her more experiened cousins.
Opening Presents
Maylee seemed more interested in her cousins' reactions to her gifts than in the gifts themselves.  Of course, who can blame a one-year-old for not hopping up and down after opening a picture frame.

Birthday Guests
Maylee's birthday guest list included the usual rowdies and others.

Maylee's Birthday Cake
Lisa made a "My Little Pony" (not to be confused with a "My Little Godzilla") cake for Maylee's first birthday.  Lisa was a huge fan of My Little Pony as a one-year-old, so she's passing down the legacy.  Evidently Savannah decided to do her Hannah Montana impression in this picture.

Maylee's Picture Board
Lisa and Julie made a poster board with some of the cutest pictures of Maylee from her first year.  What a little cutie!

Moab Trip
Robby called us on a Thursday night to inform us that the next day we were going with his and Jennie's family, Jennie's parents, and Darron and Jamie's family to Moab to find some excitement.  We left Friday afternoon to travel to Green River, where we spent the night on Friday.  On Saturday morning, we visited Morning Glory Arch at Negro Bill's Canyon.  Then we went to Arches National Park in the afternoon.  The trip was a lot of fun, especially since it only took a couple hours of driving to get there.  Now Lisa and I don't have to look for excuses when people ask us why we haven't visited any of Utah's amazing national parks.
Falling Arch
I forget the name of this arch, but here are Robby, Andrew, and Darron standing in front of it.  Maybe the reason why the name of it escapes me is because I was distracted by Robby's musings about what it would take to bring the thing down.

Hitting a wall
Jennie, Jamie and Lisa hit a wall (literally) and had to take a break.

Richard and Maylee at Arches
Richard and Maylee after climbing one of the arches.

Delicate Arch
Somehow we were the only family to make it up the trail to the Delicate Arch lookout.

Morning Glory Arch
The whole group at Morning Glory Arch

Up goes ZacharyUp goes Ashlee
Anyone concerned about safety here???

It looks like Maylee is trying to estimate how long of a fall this might be, but I had a pretty good grip on the rock.

Thanksgiving in Florida

Well, it has obviously been a while since Richard and I have written.  Since the last time we wrote we have been in Florida/Georgia for Thanksgiving, and Texas for Christmas.  We had so much fun on both trips.  It was fun to see our family again and spend some time out of the office (even though we take our office with us).

Maylee has recently started sitting up and is now starting to do a little scoot to get to things.  She is such a cutie!  We love having her in our family.  Richard and I take her over to Mickey and Steve’s house several times a week so they can see her.  Sometimes we work out at their community clubhouse while they watch her.  It is fun to see Maylee grow.  She loves playing with her cousins.  Autumn seems to especially like to hold Maylee and take care of her.  I bet Autumn is a good helper at home.

This week we are especially grateful for the blessing that we receive from our Heavenly Father.  Maylee, Stacy (my sister-in-law), and I were in a freeway accident a week from last Monday.  A Yukon in the lane next to us on our left swerved into our lane and swiped us on the side of our car in the rear.  We did two doughnuts on the highway before a truck slammed into us on the right side of the car.  We feel very blessed that both cars hit us towards the back of our car and no one was seriously injured.  The accident was very scary and could have been a lot worse.  We must have had guardian angles protecting us.

Here are pictures from our recent trips and from home.  Enjoy!

Thanksgiving Trip to Florida

It was fun to fly with Maylee for the first time.  She surprisingly had such a good time in the airports.  She was laughing and smiling at everybody.  I had so many people tell me what a beautiful baby she is.  It was fun to take her on a new adventure.

Our first stop on the trip was St. Augustine.  Since our plane did not arrive in Orlando until 11:00pm, we did not get to Grandma Robbins' house until about 4:00am in the morning.  We were exhausted.

Maylee and Mommy sleeping
Richard took this picture of Maylee and me sleeping in the first morning after arriving in Florida.

St. Augustine is the oldest city in America.  It has a lot of sites to see including Flagler College, St. George Street, and the old Fort.

On St. Geroge Street
On St. George street in St. Augustine.

At the fort.

The fort
The Fort

Richard, Maylee, and Grandma Robbins out for a stroll in St. Augustine.  It was cold!

The Mill Wheel
At the Wheel Mill on St. George Street.

Aunt Carol's beach
This is the beach at Aunt Carol's house.  We collected some starfish and shells.

Richard and Maylee at Aunt Carol's beach
...so much fun!

LEaving St. Augustine
On Thanksgiving morning we left Grandma Robbins' house to go to Tallahassee.  She did not want to put Maylee down.  Despite concerns that Maylee might be too heavy for her, Grandma Robbins toted Maylee around all morning.

Traci's Pond
After a Thanksgiving feast we walked to the pond in Traci and Jason's neighborhood.

Uncle Travis and Maylee
Uncle Travis (Richard's brother) holding Maylee.

Maylee Cheerleader
We bought this FSU cheerleading outfit for Maylee for the big game against the Gators.  Go team go!

This is us at the Florida State game in front of Chief Osceola's horse, Renegade.

Richard and Maylee in the stands
Richard and Maylee in the stands at the FSU game.

Amy's swing
At Travis and Amy's house before leaving.

Travis' family
Us with Travis and Amy and their kids Stephen, Jacob, and Katherine.  (I think Caroline was asleep.)

Grandpa and Grandma Henline
On the way out of Tallahassee we stopped by Grandma and Grandpa Henline's to say hi.

Aunt Shirley, Uncle John, and Uncle Pratt
in Ocala with Aunt Shirley, Uncle John, and Uncle Pratt.

Maylee and Aunt Shirley
Maylee and Aunt Shirley

Richard used to go with his family to the Orange Grove where his Grandad and Grandma Robbins lived when Grandad Robbins was still alive.  They have wonderful memories of this place.  Grandad Robbins sold this land in 1985, and the we found the same man who bought it from him living there still.  There aren't any orange trees there anymore because a frost wiped them out a long time ago, but we were able to see the same old house and the big and little lakes.

The dock at the Big Pond
The dock at the Big Lake.

The lake
The lake.

The house
The old house where Grandma and Grandad Robbins used to live.

Richard at the Orange Grove
Richard at the Orange Grove.

The Grove
at the Grove